Message from Managing Director

Our projects stand as symbols of progress and success, reflecting the aspirations we have for our community and our nation as a whole. Driven by a passion to make a true difference, we called ourselves “Tatweer”, a testament to our dedication for growth and prosperity.  

Even though standards may shift, our commitment to empowering our society and our partners through innovative solutions, remains steadfast and unwavering.  

We achieve this through investing in ideas and solutions that address community needs and developing them alongside a practical and well-defined executional mechanism with a unique approach. 

Our approach is as follows: 

  1. Project Idea: We begin by developing the project idea in line with the needs and aspirations of our society.
  2. Location Selection: We study the best strategic locations. 
  3. Project Implementation: Our implementation is in stages, and we remain flexible to accommodate various market dynamics. 

Our commitment to innovation and development is our crowning achievement. We will continue to pursue delivering a positive impact on people’s lives by providing high-quality real estate projects that meet the demands of a modern society. 

To make an impact, we develop

- Hezam Bin Salamah Bin Saidan